IEEE TIM journal Papers @ MeMeA

Authors of all IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM) papers, which fall in the topics of IEEE MeMeA, and which have been published or e-published during 2019, are welcome to present their TIM paper at MemeA 2020 in the Special Poster Session "IEEE TIM journal papers @ MeMeA".

Authors who would like to take advantage of this opportunity will have to register their poster via EDAS. No review is required for the poster, and normal registration rules apply. Additional details below.

Deadline to submit: April 1, 2020, 23:59 EST

TIM Papers @ MeMeA is SOLELY a Poster Session. The poster will be listed in the conference program, but will not appear in the conference proceedings or in IEEE Xplore, since the TIM paper is already in IEEE Xplore.

To submit, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click on "Submit Poster" below.
  2. Enter as title the same title as your TIM paper.
  3. Enter as abstract the same abstract as your TIM paper, PLUS, write the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) link to your TIM paper at the end of the abstract.
  4. After you submit the above, you will go to another page, where you can upload a paper. Do not upload your TIM paper! There is no need to upload the paper itself. At this stage, you are done. 

The paper must be accompanied by a full author registration (or an additional paper fee if you are already presenting another paper at MeMeA 2020) to be included in the program.

You must prepare a poster presentation (instructions below) and bring the poster with you to the conference. The time of your poster presentation will be announced in the final program